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April 2, 2021

What Does Gender Mean in 2021?

During the first decades of the 21st century, we’ve seen many changes. We must stand against some of these changes, at least for the sake of younger generations. One example is the modern approach to gender.


What Does Gender Mean In 2021?


It was not too far in the past when sex and gender had the same meaning. Everyone knew a person was either male or female. Even young children knew whether they were boys or girls. The change started when radical groups started to insist there was a difference between these two words. They claimed “sex” was what a person was “assigned at birth,” but “gender” was all about “personal choice.”

Next, the term transgender came into use. Individuals no longer needed to be what they were, but could “identify” as something else. Individuals are even told they can change their personal choices whenever they wish. They are encouraged to call themselves “gender-fluid” or “undecided.”

In the past, foolish ideas could simply be disregarded, as few people took them seriously. We do not have that option today. The influence of radicals has affected government decisions, which in turn affects everybody. From schools to public buildings, people of all ages are no longer required to use appropriate restrooms. When completing surveys and forms, we find we are not limited to stating we are either male or female. Even the use of pronouns has become complicated. We are expected to use made-up words instead of saying “he” or “she.”

Why Do We Need To Speak Up?

Mom and Child

Too many parents these days are following this trend. It is not only foolish, it is alarming and dangerous. You may have read about parents who say they are raising their children “gender-neutral,” so the children can make the choice for themselves. It can be difficult enough to grow up in this modern era without adding unnecessary pressure and confusion. It is worse yet when parents themselves are confused about this issue, and claim their normal child is actually transgender. Parents who put dresses and nail polish on their little sons are courting disaster.

Encouraging these behaviors in teenagers will also have negative results. Teens not only need limits, they want limits. When parents inform their teens “No, I will not allow you to do that,” teens realize their parents actually care. Not permitting a teen to “identify” as a boy one day and a girl the next day is a simple act of good parenting.

Why We Should Uphold Traditional Gender Roles

Young man and woman

For us, it is as logical as asserting God created Adam as male and Eve as female. Each was expected to assume specific roles in life. However, while non-Christians may claim we are trying to force our beliefs on them, traditional gender roles is also common sense.

In today’s world, there is much leeway for personal choice. We already know the Lord’s way is the best way. We must refuse to go along with this modern approach to gender identity. As early in life as they are able to understand, we must instill the right values in our children. Equally important, we must teach them how to resist trends that contradict our values. The trend of “transgenderism” is one example.

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