April 17, 2021


We are the United Christian Citizens of Iowa.

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We are a grassroots organization committed to maintaining our Christian values and conservative beliefs in Iowa and all across our great country.

UCC Iowa works in coalition with all of our friends around the state to preserve and promote our conservative Christian views and values.

Never in history has it been more important to make sure that our voices are heard than right now, as our government usurps power that it doesn’t have in the name of keeping us all safe, all the while stripping us of our rights granted by the Constitution of the United States, as well as the rights granted us by our creator.

It is our duty as citizens of this great state to speak up and have our voices heard, in these tumultuous times.

President Trump meets with Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds in the Oval Office.

What Can You Do?

It is time for all like minded individuals to band together and protect our rights in order to preserve our great country and protect her from the groups and individuals that want to degrade her and pervert the views of our founding fathers.

Get involved wherever you can, whether it is on a local, regional or national scale.

It is time that we put the power back in the hands of the people and take it away from congress.

They seem to have forgotten that they work for the people and not for the betterment of themselves.

When we get past this pandemic, we are going to be faced with economic conditions like we have never before seen in the history of these United States and our involvement now in the decisions that are made on a state and national level are going to help shape the recovery for generations to come.

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April 16, 2021

During the early months of Joe Biden’s presidency, the number of people appearing at the Southern border is way up.

Though previous years have shown a spike in migrants making the journey to the U.S. during the early months of the year, this year’s numbers dwarf those of the Trump years. And to deal with the overwhelming influx, the Biden administration is letting greater numbers of people in, either to walk free or be held in U.S. detention for an indefinite time.

The Associated Press reports that this spike began around the 2020 election, with the number of border encounters per month rising to 74,000 in December and shooting to a 20-year high of over 172,000 encounters in March.

Of course, these rising numbers also represent the crossing by many more minors and children, many unaccompanied or traveling with people who are not family. Families and children traveling alone accounted for 40% of the encounters in March, a higher proportion than ever before. Almost 20,000 of the March encounters were with unaccompanied children.

Families and minors are less likely to be turned away and are too often being welcomed into the country in one way or another. The infamous two-decade-old minor holding facilities are fuller than ever, well over capacity during a pandemic.


But that’s not all: according to the Washington Examiner, the Biden administration will soon be releasing 400 migrant families per day into the U.S. with nothing more than orders to present themselves at an ICE office within 60 days. This is due to the administration’s failure to meet the surging numbers of people with a proper response. Federal detention facilities are completely overwhelmed.

Tens of millions of federal dollars are now being spent on hotels and flights for illegal immigrants across the border region, currently totaling around 1,200 hotel beds  in Texas and Arizona.

Though Trump was pilloried by the news media throughout 2020 for allegedly failing in his coronavirus response, we are now seeing the inept Biden administration bungle both the immigration crisis and coronavirus response in one move. Now is a worse time than ever to let foreign nationals stream into the country or to pack them shoulder-to-shoulder in detention centers with a fraction of the COVID-19 precautions that Americans are subject to before even a short domestic flight.


Biden has opted to distance himself from the crisis several weeks ago by placing Vice President Harris in charge of the Southern border. She has not announced a visit to the border or any major solutions since taking this assignment.

With such a clear message of weakness, if not open welcoming, it is no wonder that immigrants are seeing this as a better time than ever to make their trip to the U.S. Without Trump’s public threats and effective policies to return the great majority back to Mexico, foreign migrants are emboldened and finding the opportunity they hope for.


Who can tell how long this surge will continue, and if it has even reached its peak? With no sign of any intention from the Biden administration to take a stand against it, the situation at the Southern border looks to be worsening by the day.

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April 15, 2021

Honor with their lips



Life has changed somewhat since the Covid pandemic has been declared and governments have taken up the responsibility to care for their people. It is the job of the government to watch over their citizens yet sometimes they go too far.


The reason they go too far is that the government has been set up to be secular, not God-fearing. The issue of separation of church and state has caused people to only honor Jesus with their lips while allowing them to keep their hearts far from Jesus (Matthew 15:8).


Because of the nature of the government, many elected officials are influenced by evil and work to remove any rights granted to the people under the constitution. They do not honor God’s word so it stands to reason they won’t honor the words of the Bill of Rights either.


It starts with the heart

World is Closed

Far too often, church leaders praise different individuals because of their charitable acts and seemingly regard for scriptures and justice, etc. Sadly, these leaders are disappointed because they realize they had been duped for whatever reason government officials may have had at the time.


The reason these situations occur is that many church leaders only look at the surface of the person, their sweet words, and similar actions. They do not look at the heart and fail to see the corruption inside.


The loss of rights during the pandemic is because of the wickedness of the hearts in those government officials. Jeremiah reminds us of the heart’s condition when he said “The heart is more deceitful than all else And is desperately sick; Who can understand it?” (Jer. 17:9)


The loss of rights is a spiritual issue

Mask Required

Because many people think that the Bill of Rights is a legal document, the issue of constitutional rights is a legal matter. It is not. It is a spiritual matter for without the heart leaning towards evil, the constitutional rights guaranteed in the Bill of Rights would not be endangered throughout this pandemic.


Jesus reminded us that “For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murders, acts of adultery, other immoral sexual acts, thefts, false testimonies, and slanderous statements” (Mt. 15:19).


The erosion of constitutional rights during the pandemic may be seen as necessary by different government leaders, but the believer knows that secular government leaders are deceived and blinded by evil. This is why prayer is needed to combat the erosion of constitutional rights.


The way to fight the erosion of constitutional rights

Hands praying

Jesus instructed his followers to pray for their leaders. They need protection from the evil in their hearts and the people need that same protection as government leaders are often swayed by the lust for power and control over others. God handles the government leaders while the people obey his word on governments.


The Old Testament also calls God’s people to pray- “and My people who are called by My name humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” (2 Chron. 7:14).


To heal their nation and retain those constitutional rights, God’s people must be living according to God’s word. That verse makes that condition very clear. This should be easy as Paul reminds us all that there is no law against doing good.


Some final words


But, the Bible predicts that there will soon be a one-world government. So expect the loss of all constitutional rights in the near future. In the meantime, pray so that your land may be healed and you can live as God wants you to live without fear.

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April 2, 2021

During the first decades of the 21st century, we’ve seen many changes. We must stand against some of these changes, at least for the sake of younger generations. One example is the modern approach to gender.


What Does Gender Mean In 2021?


It was not too far in the past when sex and gender had the same meaning. Everyone knew a person was either male or female. Even young children knew whether they were boys or girls. The change started when radical groups started to insist there was a difference between these two words. They claimed “sex” was what a person was “assigned at birth,” but “gender” was all about “personal choice.”

Next, the term transgender came into use. Individuals no longer needed to be what they were, but could “identify” as something else. Individuals are even told they can change their personal choices whenever they wish. They are encouraged to call themselves “gender-fluid” or “undecided.”

In the past, foolish ideas could simply be disregarded, as few people took them seriously. We do not have that option today. The influence of radicals has affected government decisions, which in turn affects everybody. From schools to public buildings, people of all ages are no longer required to use appropriate restrooms. When completing surveys and forms, we find we are not limited to stating we are either male or female. Even the use of pronouns has become complicated. We are expected to use made-up words instead of saying “he” or “she.”

Why Do We Need To Speak Up?

Mom and Child

Too many parents these days are following this trend. It is not only foolish, it is alarming and dangerous. You may have read about parents who say they are raising their children “gender-neutral,” so the children can make the choice for themselves. It can be difficult enough to grow up in this modern era without adding unnecessary pressure and confusion. It is worse yet when parents themselves are confused about this issue, and claim their normal child is actually transgender. Parents who put dresses and nail polish on their little sons are courting disaster.

Encouraging these behaviors in teenagers will also have negative results. Teens not only need limits, they want limits. When parents inform their teens “No, I will not allow you to do that,” teens realize their parents actually care. Not permitting a teen to “identify” as a boy one day and a girl the next day is a simple act of good parenting.

Why We Should Uphold Traditional Gender Roles

Young man and woman

For us, it is as logical as asserting God created Adam as male and Eve as female. Each was expected to assume specific roles in life. However, while non-Christians may claim we are trying to force our beliefs on them, traditional gender roles is also common sense.

In today’s world, there is much leeway for personal choice. We already know the Lord’s way is the best way. We must refuse to go along with this modern approach to gender identity. As early in life as they are able to understand, we must instill the right values in our children. Equally important, we must teach them how to resist trends that contradict our values. The trend of “transgenderism” is one example.

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March 25, 2021

As the country continues to move to the left while disrupting the great economy that President Trump had built, starting a new business could be considered a monumental task during these uncertain times.

While many things have changed in this new economy, one of the constants that has remained the same is that an entrepreneur with a good idea about how to solve a problem that exists in the world will always have a chance to succeed in business.

What Can You Expect When Starting a Business in the New Economy?

Business Traits

Here are some of the elements that you will need to succeed in building a business in the new economy.

  • Be prepared to work harder than everyone else in your industry.
  • Be prepared to spend more money than you think.
  • Prepare your family for the prospect of you being “married” to the business.
  • Mentally prepare yourself for the highest of highs and the lowest of lows that you will undoubtedly experience on your journey.

Building a business in the new economy may sound like a daunting task, and it is, but the rewards can be tremendous for those that are willing to take the risk and put in the hard work necessary to succeed.

What Kind of Business Should You Start?

Choose a business

As I stated above, most successful businesses start by solving a problem that people or other businesses have.

This can be as simple as cleaning gutters on a house.

The problem is that people have clogged gutters.

You solve the problem by cleaning the debris out of the gutters.

Gutter cleaning business

Businesses can also be much more complex.

Think for instance “Affiliate Marketing”.

This is an online business that is fairly easy to start, however it is very competitive.

There are even online businesses that teach how to start online businesses.

The problem is that people want to learn how to start an online business.

The solution is to start a business teaching them how to that.

Teaching online business

As the new economy becomes less and less business friendly under the left wing agenda, online businesses may become the easiest and fastest growing segment of the new business startups.

I’ve done some research on learning how to start an online business and have come across some highly rated online learning portals that may be worth checking out.

One of those online learning portals is called Wealthy Affiliate. They teach students how to build an online business using affiliate marketing, right from the comfort of their home.

I came across many reviews of the online teaching platform, but this was the best wealthy affiliate review that I found. It is very thorough and covers all of the questions that I had when researching the subject.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to building an online business is avoiding all of the scams out there, and the website above is focused on doing exactly that, which can be a huge help to those who are less well versed in navigating the online world.


There is no doubt that the current administration and the left leaning leadership in this country is making it more difficult to start a business and succeed in this new economy, but where there is a will, there is a way.

That way may be to start an online business, which eliminates a lot of the cost and infrastructure needed to start a brick and mortar business.

Regardless of the path you choose, be prepared to work harder than your competition and you may be rewarded with monetary freedom and piece of mind for your family.


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March 18, 2021

In the Days of Noah


These words of Jesus provide us a clue as to how difficult it is to be a police officer in 2021. While Jesus was speaking about his second coming and gave a very nice view of the ‘days of Noah’ (Luke 17:26). All we have to do to find out how those days were, we need to turn to Genesis 6 to see why it is so difficult to be a police officer in 2021.


The thoughts of their hearts


As you know, God said that men look on the surface while God looks at their hearts. It is the heart that is the center of people’s actions. The heart is where people lay up their treasure and as the Bible says ‘where your treasure is, there your heart will be also (Luke 12:34).


This is why it is so difficult to be a police officer in 2021. People today are more like the people of Noah’s day than they are of any other time in history. As Genesis 6 tells us, “ Then the Lord saw that the wickedness of mankind was great on the earth and that every intent of the thoughts of their hearts was only evil continually (verse 5).


There are more people today who have made evil their treasure and have placed that treasure in their hearts than those who make Jesus their treasure. Their thoughts and deeds are only concerned with doing evil and standing in their way are the many police officers assigned the task to stop evil from taking over a nation.


They are outnumbered

Black Lives Matter Protest

When more people desire to do evil than there are those who desire to do good, it makes the policeman’s job even tougher. What compounds the problem is the fact that there are more people desiring to do evil than there are policemen in any given country.


With the odds against them, it is hard for policemen to maintain law and order. If governments add more police officers, then they will be accused of creating a police state. It is a no-win situation for the police forces of the nation.


Police officers are often despised as they are the human target sin-loving people love to take their hatred out on. We see this in the news every day, as the police are merely trying to do their jobs faithfully yet are abused and attacked, often for no reason other than they wear the uniform.


Governments do not help


This is a sad situation that contributes to the difficulty of being a police officer. There are many levels of government who have taken a dim view of law enforcement, justice and often let prisoners go with light penalties or no penalties at all.


Instead of helping the police maintain law and order, they make the situation worse by their failure to uphold the different laws. When your own government is not helping you, it is very difficult to be a policeman in any year, let alone in 2021.


The people look to government officials to lead them. When the latter does not obey the laws, then the people decide they do not have to obey them either. When this situation arises, then the policeman’s job becomes several times more difficult to do.


Some final words


Being a police officer is not easy no matter the era. People think they are good even though they break certain laws. It is that attitude that also makes the job of a policeman far more difficult than it should be. Most people in a nation only give lip service to God’s instructions to obey the law. That does not help the police do their job very well.

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